“To give light to those who are in darkness.”

Franciscan Sisters Servants of the cross (FSC) was founded by Mother Elizabeth Roza Czacka. The sisters learn to serve the Blind throughout their lives in the way that may help them to be useful members of the society and to be apostles of God’s love.

The candidates who wish to join the congregation go through

4 stages of formation – Aspirancy, Postulancy, Noviatiate with community experience.

By the profession of vows, sisters dedicate their lives for God and His service.

The Life of FSC sisters is:

  • To praise the most Holy Trinity
  • Ministry of service to the physically and spiritually blind
  • Life of expiation in union with Jesus Crucified

Sisters care for the bringing-up, education as well as teaching profession of the Blind children and in kindergartens, schools and boarding houses.

If you wish to be the light to the Blind then join FSC.

Vocation Promoter:

Franciscan Sisters Servants of the cross (FSC)

Jyothi Seva Home for the Blind
1st Main Road, 3rd cross
Venkateshpura, Bangalore – 560 045

Phone : 080 – 25477972, 25446748, 9740765269

Vocation Promoter:

Franciscan Sisters Servants of the cross (FSC)

Mary Mother of the Church Convent
Club Road #13, Kotagiri
Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu – 643217

Phone : 04266- 272121, 9488084615